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Version 3.5.0 (Rome)- Release notes

Release Date End of AMP(*) End of Life
2023-08-02 2026-08-02 2027-08-02

(*) Active Maintenance Period

The present document contains information regarding product enhancements, fixed issues and known issues related to AnswerModules Modules Suite version 3.5.0.

This guide

The information presented in the on-line guide are mostly non-version specific. AnswerModules team does its best to ensure that, where necessary, is made clear that the information presented is only applicable to specific versions, however if you are looking for this version-specific documentation, you can find it here

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the features and techniques presented in this publication. However, AnswerModules accepts no responsibility and offer no warranty whether expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this publication.

Module Suite Compatibility Matrix

OpenText Content Server MS 3.1.0 MS 3.2.0 MS 3.2.1 MS 3.3.0 MS 3.4.0 MS 3.5.0
Content Suite 16.2 EP6 X
Content Suite 16.2 EP7 X
Content Suite 20.2 X X X X X
Content Suite 20.3 X X X X X
Content Suite 20.4 X X X X X
Content Suite 21.1 X X X X X
Content Suite 21.2 X X X X X
Content Suite 21.3 X X X X X
Content Suite 21.4 X X X X X
Content Suite 22.1 X X X X
Content Suite 22.2 X X X
Content Suite 22.3 X X
Content Suite 22.4 X
Content Suite 23.1 X(*)
Content Suite 23.2 X
Content Suite 23.3 X

(*) Requires hotfix hotFix_ANS_340_010 to be installed

All Enhancements in version 3.5.0

ID Scope Description
#001699 Module Suite It is now possible to control the logging level for classes annotated as @ContentScriptAPIService
#001291 Beautiful Webforms Password field widget
#001664 Smart Pages Added new windows10 icons
#001674 Module Suite Release of New Widgets: Classifications, Toolbar, TreeView, ListView, and Grid
#001698 Smart Pages Release of New Widgets: Toolbar and Grid
#001685 Module Suite Introduction of CARL: AI agent for Enterprise Application Creation on XECM and Module Suite
#001678 Beautiful Webforms Introduction of WCAG Compliant Widget Library Based on V4 Version
#001686 Module Suite Introduction of "rmsec" Extension Package for Enhanced Record Management Security
#001697 Extension - PDF New Feature - APIs for Text Extraction from PDF Files
#001696 Extension - Docx Docx Extension Package Update: Revised Dependencies and Dropped Java 8 Compatibility
#001687 Module Suite Introduction of "llm" Extension Package for LLM API Provider Integration
#001263 Content Script Rolling of the cs.log file
#001695 Module Suite Enhancements to Process Builder API - Introduction of "Step," "End," and Automatic Addition of Scripts and Forms
#001644 Content Script The getLeader() method over a CSGroup object raises a NullPointerException if there isn't an user set as group leader
#001693 Module Suite Adding Multiple Documents and Recipients to a CSEmail Object
#001692 Module Suite New Feature: Internal API Now Supports File-Returning REST APIs
#001690 Module Suite New "docman" APIs: getNodeData and getNodeDataAsJsonString for Node Information Retrieval
#001689 Module Suite New API Introduced in DocmanService to Retrieve SubType Integer of Module Suite Objects
#001688 Module Suite New APIs Introduced in CSDocument for Raw Content Extraction and Thumbnail Retrieval
#001680 Beautiful Webforms Minor Fixes Required on SmartView Task View Template of Library V5
#001675 Module Suite Deprecation of "View Smart Task Button" Widget and Introduction of "Smart View Task Configuration" Widget
#001681 Beautiful Webforms Update on Code Generation from Form Builder: Snippet Storage Location Change
#001679 Beautiful Webforms New Release: Enhanced SmartView Task View Template
#001677 Smart Pages Update on V5 Tabs Widget: Specifying Active Tab and Executing Actions Upon Selection
#001624 Beautiful Webforms Improved performances for smart-dropdown widgets (and its derivatives) by enabling client-side caching

Issues Resolved in version 3.5.0

ID Scope Description
#001554 Smart Pages Issue if a Smart UI Custom Menu is added on multiple subtypes of the same parent
#001659 Content Script Classic UI customizations for CSMenu don't work and return a generic Content Server error
#001670 Beautiful Webforms Form.listformdata Method Fails and Generates Trace After Modifying Form Template
#001323 Content Script Issue of the listFormData method of the forms service
#001285 Beautiful Webforms Random validation error with the Phone widget
#001634 Extension - OAuth OAuth service error messages incorrectly reference "AWS" Base Configuration profile instead of OAuth profiles
#001625 Module Suite Generic HTTP 404 error opening Web Help from Content Script/Smart Page Editor or from Form Builder
#001520 Content Script Recman extension: removeOfficial method doesn't restore the original permission
#001591 Content Script Module Suite Report: the section about Base Configuration is empty
#001656 Content Script Insufficient permissions in Content Script Volume 'CSSmartView' folder causing unclear errors in cs.log
#001660 Content Script Cache API connection hungs after a Content Server restart
#001646 Extension - Docx The method replaceVariables of docx API removes white spaces replacing a placeholder
#001617 Content Script Docx4j Marshaller: Issues parsing docx documents produced with the Sync extension
#001691 Module Suite Fixed Issues with docman.getNodeRestV1JSon API and node.toJSONObject API
#001594 Content Script Mail Service: Fetching issue for emails with attachments named containing "/" character
#001464 Beautiful Webforms PWA: Exceptions are raised by the Vue devtools reference in the bwfv5.umd.min.js script.
#001682 Beautiful Webforms Fix for Issue with FormBuilder Configuration Panel - Itemreference Configuration
#001580 Content Script Custom logs are written to a wrong file
#001421 Content Script Custom log appender: on rotation, a wrong data is used for the file name
#001652 Beautiful Webforms User by Login Widget: Read-only mode allows value change using keyboard navigation
#001651 Beautiful Webforms Graphical elements (like sort arrows and checkboxes) are not visualized for Datatable widget with OpenText template
#001616 Content Script Page with Content Scripts list for Workflow: wrong label in remove alert popup
#001672 Module Suite Issue with createDocument API in Recent Content Server Versions (20.X and above)
#001657 Content Script When WebNodeActions script does not redirect to any page, a blank page may appear for some OTCS actions
#001599 Beautiful Webforms Integer field in a Set are empty in Beautiful WebForm
#001619 Beautiful Webforms Form Builder (Smart Editor) layout issue with V3 widget library (regression)
#001631 Extension - Rendition Printing a BWF form to PDF using rend API contains visualization errors when user is not Admin
#001653 Extension - xECM When referenced object does not exists, ECM initialization script fails avoiding startup of the Content Server service
#001622 Extension - Docx Content Script fails with a generic 400 error setting properties in a MS Word document with method setProperties
#001642 Module Suite Various Improvements and Bug Fixes for Application Builder
#001414 Online Documentation Upgrading Module Suite: restore restart after each module update
#001639 Module Suite The import tool does not notify that some widgets should be updated
#001627 Smart Pages CSSmartView features: custom columns and custom commands are not shown with Module Suite running on Content Server 21.x
#001620 Beautiful Webforms Issue with associating multiple forms having the same template with a workflow map
#001628 Smart Pages Issue with the "Include SmartUI widget" widget: the data source script is never invoked
#001636 Module Suite Scripting engine initializes without activation key and basic configuration
#001615 Content Script The 'getGroupByName' method of the 'users' service does not work
#001626 Content Script The getGroupByName method of the user service raises a generic OML Exception with Module Suite running on Content Server 21.x
#001623 Module Suite The library import tool does not work properly on Windows in case OTCS has been installed under a path containing spaces.
#001609 Content Script The getElementsByPath method raises a NullPointerException if called without root parameter for non administrator users
#001621 Content Script The getGroupById method of the user service raises a ClassCastException if it's called using a user's identifier as a parameter
#001607 Content Script DocBuilder: error generating PDF with Cyrillic alphabet characters