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Requirements, links and dependencies

Supported Content Server versions

The Modules Suite currently supports the following Content Server versions:

  • 10.0.x (up to version 2.1)

  • 10.5.x

  • 16.0.x

  • 16.2.x


Module or Component Included In Depends On
Content Script - -
Beautiful WebForms - Content Script
Script Console - Content Script
Remote Beautiful WebForms Script Console Beautiful WebForms
Module Suite Extension For WebReports Content Script WebReports
Module Suite Extension for Workflows Content Script
Module Suite Extension for Classic UI AMGUI Ext.Pack Content Script
Module Suite Extension for SmartUI AnswerModules Module Suite for SmartUI Content Script
Module Suite Extension for ESign AnswerModules Content Script eSign ExtPack Content Script, Beautiful Webforms, ESign
Module Suite Extension for DocuSign AnswerModules Module Suite extension for DocuSign Content Script, Beautiful Webforms, Script Console