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Module Suite

Module Suite for Content Server by AnswerModules is a comprehensive framework that includes various innovative solutions and extensions modules for OpenText Content Server.

Beautiful WebForms

The Beautiful WebForms Framework is an enhancement to the standard OpenText WebForms module that provides developers with all the required tools to create and manage next generation form based applications on Content Server. The module significantly contributes in delivering to the application’s end users a modern, comfortable and ergonomic usage experience while at the same time lowering overall development and maintenance costs.

Content Script

Content Script is the first genuine scripting engine for OpenText Content Server. Content Script enables the creation of a new type of executable script object, capable of both automating actions that can be performed through the standard Content Server UI, as well as creating custom interfaces, consoles, reports, and more.

Content Scripts are foundation blocks that can be used to create any sort of application based on OpenText Content Server.


Content Script API and API Extension Packages (CSEPs)

One of the most powerful features of Content Script lies in the fact that within the Content Script code it is possible to interact with Content Server itself and with external services or data sources through a set of service APIs. The API layer is engineered for extensibility, and new APIs are released periodically to enable the most various tasks. Also, thanks to the Content Script SDK, Modules Suite owners and developers can create their own extensions. CSEP can be enabled and disabled dynamically from within the administrative pages of Content Server.

Smart Pages

Smart Pages is a solution that allows developers to leverage the Content Script template engine's capabilities to create UI elements of any sort by adopting a rigorous MVC design pattern. Smart Pages have been primarily engineered to be utilized in the context of Smart View applications, where they can be useful for creating Smart View perspective tiles. Smart Pages replaces the Module Suite View extension for Smart View which has been discontinued at version 1.8.

Script Console

Unlike the Content Script Module and Beautiful WebForms Module, which are standard extension modules and live inside OpenText Content Server, the Content Script Console is a standalone, multi-platform (Unix, Windows) environment for the execution of Content Scripts and Beautiful WebForms. As such, it is executed separately from Content Server, potentially on different physical environments (such as an Administrator’s own workstation or a server in a network DMZ), but retains the capability of interacting with one or more Content Server environments.

Module Suite default extensions

Module Suite comes out-of-the box with a set of extensions that enable new usage scenarios for core Content Server modules.

Content Script Extension For Workflows

The Content Script Extension for Workflows allows you to add Content Script Steps to new or existing Content Server Workflow Maps.

Content Script Steps are automatic steps that will execute the associated Content Script when triggered. The execution outcome will be interpreted by the step itself in order to route the Workflow to the next step. It is possible to build expressions that check for successful execution, execution errors or that interpret the outcome of the script.

The usage of Content Script Steps can reduce to a minimum the need for custom Event Trigger Scripts.

Content Script Extension For WebReports

The Content Script Extension for WebReports improves standard WebReports functionality by introducing new usage scenarios, such as:

  • the possibility to use a Content Script as a Data Source for WebReports

  • the possibility to execute WebReports from within a Content Script

  • the possibility to execute Content Scripts from within a WebReport thanks to a custom subtag

Module Suite Extension For ClassicUI

The Module Suite Extension for CalssicUI is a simple and fast way to enhance the OpenText Content Server user experience.

This powerful tool gives the possibility to manage: - An objects menu options - Manage default and custom columns at run-time - Redesign guis by embedding fancy widgets - Customize the way items are being created in the system - Dynamically create forms without having to write HTML code - Easily perform massive operations