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Installing Beautiful WebForms

Installation procedure (Windows)

We will refer to the Content Server installation directory as %OTCS_HOME%

  • Deploy Content Server Modules

  • Stop the Content Server

  • Run the Module Suite Master Installer and install the Beautiful WebForms module.

Step-by-step procedure

The following screens will guide you through the deployment of Module Suite modules.

  1. Welcome Screen: Select “Next” when ready to start the installation.

  2. EULA Screen: Acceptance of the end-user license agreement is mandatory for proceeding with the installation
    A copy of the agreement will be available, upon installation, in:
    Select “Next” when ready.

  3. Components selection: Script console is unselected by default because it is not a Content Server module. A standard Module Suite installation does not require this component to be installed.
    Select “Next” when ready.

  4. OTHOME selection: The installer will prompt you for the location where Content Server is installed. Browse to your OTCS_HOME and select “Next” when ready to start the installation.
  5. Installation completed: Select “Finish” and return to the installation checklist to finalize the module setup.

  • Install Content Server Modules

  • Start the Content Server

  • Login as Administrator and access the Module administration panel

  • Select “Install Modules”

  • From the available modules, select “Answer Modules - Beautiful Web Forms X.Y.Z”

  • Follow the installation steps and stop Content Server when prompted.

Installation complete

The Beautiful WebForms initial setup is complete