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Beautiful Webforms views updater

What is it?

The Beautiful Webforms View Updater (BWVU) is an utility designed to simplify and automate the process of upgrading a webform view designed with a previous version of Module Suite. Module Suite IDEs allows you to keep working with the views created using the widget library shipped with a previous version of Module Suite, nevertheless, in order to leverage the widgets introduced in a newer version of the widget's library an upgrade is required.

This tool aims to simplify the upgrade procedure.

Tool setup

Installing the BWVU, is a straight forward procedure which consists of just two steps:

BWVU dependecies

BWVU is a Module Suite application that leverage extensively the jdbc extension package. It requires you to have it installed and to have the proper JDBC drivers for your Content Server DBMS deployed in the OTHOME/module/anscontentscript_X_y_Z/amlib/jdbc folder.

  • After verifying the requirements, upload on your Content Server instance the BWF updater package than you create a Content Script to import it in the preferred location (e.g.: Enterprise). Please refer to the snippet below as a reference.

    def source = docman.getNodeByName(self.parent, "bwf_updater.xml")
    def targetSpace = self.parent
    def targetFolder = admin.importXml(targetSpace, source.content.content)
    redirect "${url}/open/${targetFolder.ID}"
Executing the above script code should complete the import of the tool's setting scripts and redirect the user to a folder with content similar to that in the following screenshot:

  • Run the installation script named "install"

Tool usage

Import the widgets library before trying to update your views

The tool requires that whatever version of the library you wish to upgrade to be fully imported into the Content Script volume. The import can be managed using the Content Script Volume Import Tool

The main entry point for using the tool is the webform Beautiful WebForms Updater Form created in the OTCS Enterprise Workspace in the BWF Updater folder .

Move and rename

Upon import is completed, the root folder and tool objects (WebForms and Form Template) can be renamed and moved according to your needs without problems.

Running the above mentioned WebForm you'll enter the tool's dashboard. From here you can either review the results of previous updates or, by clicking on the Update button, run a new one.

Before trying to perform the update of an existing Beautiful WebForms view you have to update the widgets library version using the the FormBuilder (e.g. from V1 to V3). After having changed the widgets library and saved the modified view you can come back to the BWVU tool.

Once the view's widgets library version is up to date you can execute the desired upgrade using the BWVU tool, simply enter the view unique id (DataId) and click Update. The result of the update together with the detailed list of operations performed will be available for review in the tools dashboard.