Applicative Layers

One of the main reasons that brought to the creation of the Module Suite was the need to improve Content Server’s capability of integration with other systems. For this very reason, on top of an OScript Layer that implements most of the Content Script Core functionalities, we developed an integration layer that makes use of the Content Server embedded Java Virtual Machine.

Content Script was developed with a language grammar and syntax fully compatible with Groovy, the well-known Scripting language for Java, in order to speed up development and most importantly open Content Server to a wider range of developers than the reduced OScript developers’ community.

On the other hand, being OScript's grammar very similar to Groovy's, OScript developers should easily find their way with the Content Script language.


In recent years, more and more functionalities of Content Server have been making use of the embedded Java Virtual Machine. Nevertheless, the standard level of isolation of these components has not yet been significantly improved. It is still up to system administrators and developers to manually assure the absence of conflicts in the system when new Java libraries become necessary. Module Suite comes with a higher level of isolation and implements its own additional libraries management