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Version 2.6.0 - Release notes

Release Date End of AMP(*) End of Life
2019-12-06 2022-12-06 2023-12-06

(*) Active Maintenance Period

This guide

The information presented in the on-line guide are mostly non-version specific. AnswerModules team does its best to ensure that, where necessary, is made clear that the information presented is only applicable to specific versions, however if you are looking for this version-specific documentation, you can find it here

The present document contains information regarding product enhancements, fixed issues and known issues related to AnswerModules Modules Suite version 2.6.0.

No Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the features and techniques presented in this publication. However, AnswerModules accepts no responsibility and offer no warranty whether expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this publication.

Module Suite Compatibiliy Matrix

OpenText Content Server MS 2.6.0
Content Server 10.0.x
Content Server 10.5.x
Content Suite 16
Content Suite 16 EP2-EP5
Content Suite 16 EP6
Content Suite 16 EP7 X

Major Changes in version 2.6.0

  • Introduced the Smart Pages module. Smart Pages is a brand new module that aims to simplify the creation of good-looking functional user interfaces, both as a standalone solution and as part of the Smart View perspectives.

Smart Pages features a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor, similar to the one already available for Beautiful WebForms, to enable business users to autonomously tailor their Smart View experience.

  • Introduced the possibility to limit the APIs a developer can utilize in Content Script objects. Content Script script engine can now be configured so that scripts are executed in a controlled container:Sandbox where only whitelisted APIs are usable. Whenever a developer uses an unauthorized API, at the time the script is executed, the engine will return an error containing information about the forbidden API and how to add exceptions to the preamble script if using this API is inevitable . The use of prohibited APIs may be authorized by super-users on the basis of what is specified in the preamble of the script.

Content Script

Process Builder API
A new API for defining workflow maps. This new API greatly reduces the effort required to set up a Workflow application, while opening up a brand new spectrum of possibilities.

Beautiful WebForms

Form Builder

  • Introduced a brand new widget library (V4). The new library makes extensive use of modern AMD framework for Javascript resources loading. All the widgets of the new library are SmartView ready and can be safely utilized in WebForms published in SmartView tiles (see. Module Suite SmartView Extension)

Extension for Workflow

It's now possibile to execute a Content Script associated to a Workflow Map as a Workflow Event Script.

Extension SFTP (NEW)

A new extension package that allows you to establish SFTP connections to remote servers.

Smart Pages (NEW)

Smart Pages has superseded the Module Suite extension of the Smart View. Previously available Smart View tiles, part of the AnswerModules's library have been ported and improved.

  • Content Script Result: Content Script Result tile accepts now, as a datasource, both a Content Script and a Smart Page object. Content Script Result tile supports now the expanding behaviour, a second Content Script or Smart Page datasource can be associated to the expanded version of the tile.
  • It's now possibile to configure AnswerModules' Smart View Tiles in order to pre-fetch their configuration using a separate call to the associated Content Script datasource endpoint. The Content Script datasource endpoint is in this case called with an additional widgetConfig parameter.

All Enhancements in version 2.6.0

ID Scope Description
#0000668 Module Suite Module Suite 2.5 backward compatible with OTCS 16.0.12 (2019-03)
#0000683 Content Script Change default attrSourceType in docman.moveNode() from Merge to Original
#0000660 Extension - Rendition Limit the possibility to execute arbitrary drop in
#0000633 Module Suite Introduced security checks to prevent the developers from accidentally damaging the system
#0000092 Beautiful Webforms Add possibility to bind form field "editable" flag to a variable in binding
#0000566 Content Script Enable CS to be used as EventScripts in WF
#0000669 Module Suite Remove Manage Content Script Extension Packages function from Administration pages
#0000646 Content Script Request to support SFTP
#0000656 Beautiful Webforms Added support for WYSIWYG editors in FormBuilder widgets configuration panel
#0000047 Content Script It's now possible to set create custom properties of type hidden in Base Configuration
#0000658 Extension - Docx Is now possible to force Excel to update internal formulas upon file opening

Issues Resolved in version 2.6.0

ID Scope Description
#0000639 Beautiful Webforms onChangeAction set on Smart DropDown causes a reloads loop
#0000687 Extension - eSign reset ESign value in the workflow step
#0000379 Beautiful Webforms Submit Button in new Beautiful WebForms view does not allow to select icon
#0000070 Beautiful Webforms Opening a Beautiful Form View with Form Builder gives error 500 if Form Template is empty
#0000185 Content Script Typo in error message for RunAs functionality
#0000467 Beautiful Webforms Checkbox widgets are not initialized correctly when creating a new view
#0000528 Extension - Docx Error logs when reading core docx properties that have not been set
#0000626 Beautiful Webforms Clear button hides when there are more lines in the CS Modernizzed Classic UI template
#0000628 Beautiful Webforms User icons in the UserByLogin widget are not displayed correctly in V3 Smart View and Smart View Task template
#0000667 Module Suite Error URL in online Documentation Import and Upgrade tool
#0000638 Beautiful Webforms Space Content does not allow adding new documents with IE
#0000651 Module Suite Errors in the links in the Extension for ClassicUI online guide
#0000685 Content Script unScheduleContentScript (CSNode node) does not work
#0000650 Content Script Querybuilder does not find archived workflows
#0000671 Content Script Unable to get attachmentList email java.lang.NullPointerException when the attachment is a msg file
#0000692 Beautiful Webforms Drop area widget fails to initialize
#0000657 Content Script Accessing node content randomly returns an empty file
#0000665 Content Script Issue with DAPI.GetNode cache causes wrong node data to be loaded in specific circumstances
#0000666 Extension - PDF Errors deleting temp files after PDF manipulations
#0000659 Extension - Docx POI library compatibility issue with OTCS 16.2.8