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Version 2.2.0 - Release notes

Release Date End of AMP(*) End of Life
2017-05-15 2020-05-15 2021-05-15

(*) Active Maintenance Period

End of Life

This release has reached the end of its life and is no longer maintained or supported.

This guide

The information presented in the on-line guide are mostly non-version specific. AnswerModules team does its best to ensure that, where necessary, is made clear that the information presented is only applicable to specific versions, however if you are looking for this version-specific documentation, you can find it here

The present document contains information regarding product enhancements, fixed issues and known issues related to AnswerModules Module Suite version 2.2.0.

No Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the features and techniques presented in this publication. However, AnswerModules accepts no responsibility and offer no warranty whether expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this publication.

PDF Version

Major Changes in version 2.2.0


Whenever the number of licensed seats are exceeded, the Module Suite’s licensing manager starts logging a warning message for every operation performed.

Beautiful WebForms Form Builder

FormBuilder has been deeply revised in order to further simplify WebForm views creation.

CHEH Snippets

The feature that allows a Form designer to inject Content Script snippets into CLEH scripts (OnLoad, PreSubmit, OnSubmit) now depends on the widget's configuration itself. In other words, any change applied to the widget's configuration will trigger an equivalent change into the injected piece of Content Script.

This behavior can be disabled either through the “Auto-inject code” switch, displayed at the very top of any widget’s configuration panel or deleting the synchronization hash injected as part of the header of all the CLEH snippets.

Widget Visibility

A simplified widget-visibility rule builder can now be used to determine when a widget should be displayed in the form.

Buttons’ Icons and Colors

Easy to use icon-color selectors have been introduced for button-widgets.

Inline FormTemplate Manipulation

Add functionality that allows Form Template manipulation (add new fields) directly from within the FormBuilder.

New And Updated Widgets

Currency, Include SmartUI Widget, Chart, DocuSign, Handsontable, DropDown DB Lookup, Set ViewParams Variable, View Template Logo, Smart DropDown DB Lookup, Include Script Result, Redirect to URL, Workflow Comments, Custom Action Button, Submit Button With Param

Field default value

Add functionality that allows setting the default value displayed by the form widgets

OnLoad script returns JSON Data

CLEH script management has been modified in order to allow OnLoad script to return JSON data, thus to be used for implementing Ajax-enabled backend services for BWF-widgets (e.g. Handsontable widget).

New Content Script APIs

New Content Script APIs and API extension packages have been released. Collaboration APIs have been extensively revised and simplified. New extension packages include:


Allow developers to programmatically produce PDF and Word files. The new APIs are accessed through the new “docbuilder” service endpoint, available upon installation of the extension package.

Callback Scripts

Synchronous Callback Scripts are now executed in isolated context (a separate execution context for each script). To switch back to the previous implementation set the 3rd bit of the “amcs.core.debugEnabled” configuration bitmask to one (e.g. amcs.core.debugEnabled=4).

All Enhancements in version 2.2.0

ID Scope Description
#0000431 Content Script Templating service is wrapping CS Context in Templating Context when using subviews in form views
#0000440 Beautiful WebForms Improved robustness of Jquery Interdependencies widget
#0000474 Beautiful WebForms Improved accuracy for Form to PDF rendering through HTML to PDF rendition
#0000466 Beautiful WebForms User by Login revised in order to avoid preload of all users if no filter is selected
#0000460 Content Script The Callback-Scripts management class has been refactored in order to switch from a single execution context mode to a fully separated set of contexts
#0000465 Beautiful WebForms Enhance visibility of CSS grid columns
#0000445 Mail Service Mail Service - Added support for Receipt Request and other SMTP headers
#0000446 Mail Service Mail Service - Added support for BCC addresses
#0000485 GUI Service SQLQueryRowProvider features methods for executing paginated SQL Queries
#0000484 Content Script SqlService ext-pack features methods for executing paginated SQL Queries
#0000469 Beautiful WebForms CLEH widgets snippets are now standard CS snippets, evaluated using widget’s configuration
#0000478 Content Script Major enhancement for Collaboration service
#0000444 Beautiful WebForms New widget for currencies
#0000463 Content Script The information related with the original user ID and username are now available in the script Execution Context
#0000475 Content Script Improved performances of Templating service - producePDF(..) API

Issues Resolved in version 2.2.0

ID Scope Description
#0000429 Beautiful WebForms am_printFix function in am_init file is not working properly (Form to PDF)
#0000439 Beautiful WebForms Jquery interdependencies widget does not support binding to Radio Basic widget
#0000457 Beautiful WebForms JS Conditional Container v1 escapes "operator" configuration causing a javascript error in client.
#0000438 Beautiful WebForms User by Login widget not working correctly on environments with case sensitive database
#0000459 Module Suite Wrong documentation in Base Configuration for amcs.core.callbackSynchEventsEnabled flag
#0000473 Beautiful WebForms am_CssViewDependecies and am_JsViewDependecies variables in the viewParams map are overridden whenever a view invoke a CLEH action (the information regarding Form’s static resources is lost)
#0000476 Beautiful WebForms PDFPreview tool not working on OTCS 16.0.3
#0000468 Beautiful WebForms Default Submit Button widget is not initialized correctly when creating a new view
#0000442 Content Script Email setCharset(..) API has wrong help text
#0000441 Content Script Email "distribute" functionality sends same notification multiple times to the same recipients
#0000481 Content Script Docman copyNode(..) API adds a new version to copied node as default behavior
#0000482 Content Script Docman moveNode(..) API adds a new version to node as default behavior
#0000483 Content Script Docman copyNode(..) API only copies the last version of the node as default behavior
#0000437 Content Script Reading excel cell values for spreadsheet columns after AA returns null values
#0000452 Content Script Enabling Content Script scheduling with default configuration fails
#0000428 Content Script Content Script autocomplete function fails if script csvars is empty
#0000454 GUI Service Performance issues due to a regression in version 2.1
#0000464 Content Script Regression in ServiceWrapperFactory
#0000453 Content Script Issues using CSSearchQueryBuilder when search slices have been renamed
#0000479 Content Script It's now possibile to proper cast a CSNode to its subclasses (e.g. node as CSDocument)
#0000477 Beautiful WebForms Empty value for amSaveValues property of form objects returned by getFormInfo method
#0000472 ESign Unable to reject on multi-user step
#0000471 Beautiful WebForms Mapping Script widget attached to Smart Dropdown clear fields on reload if AJAX initialization is disabled on Smart Dropdown
#0000462 Content Script Callback scripts: NodeCreate, NodeCreatePre, NodeUpdate are not managing rollback properly
#0000461 Content Script Wrong parent-callback event registered on NodeCreatePre event
#0000451 Content Script Request parameters are not passed to Content Script when executed through nickname
#0000472 ESign ESign Service is not working properly with ModuleSuite version > 2.1
#0000448 Beautiful WebForms ESign Widget is not working properly with ModuleSuite version > 2.1
#0000447 Beautiful WebForms amSaveValues are not updated on the basis of the form object