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Version 2.3.0 - Release notes

Release Date End of AMP(*) End of Life
2017-12-22 2020-12-22 2021-12-22

(*) Active Maintenance Period

End of Life

This release has reached the end of its life and is no longer maintained or supported.

This guide

The information presented in the on-line guide are mostly non-version specific. AnswerModules team does its best to ensure that, where necessary, is made clear that the information presented is only applicable to specific versions, however if you are looking for this version-specific documentation, you can find it here

The present document contains information regarding product enhancements, fixed issues and known issues related to AnswerModules Module Suite version 2.3.0.

No Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the features and techniques presented in this publication. However, AnswerModules accepts no responsibility and offer no warranty whether expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this publication.

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Major Changes in version 2.3.0

Beautiful WebForms Form Builder

FormBuilder widgets library has been deeply revised in order to further simplify WebForm views creation.

Enhanced support for Internationalization

The support for forms' views internationalization has been improved. It's now possible to mark labels and other widgets' properties for being inserted into localization files. Localization files can now even be stored directly on Content Server.

Inline FormTemplate Manipulation

FormBuilder now supports the inline creation of fields of type “Set”.

Content Script

Auditable and indexable

Content Script objects are now indexable (upon proper configuration in the Base Configuration).

Content Script execution is now auditable (upon proper configuration in the Base Configuration).

Scheduling and Callbacks

Several performance enhancement related to script scheduling and both for synchronous and asynchronous callbacks.

All Enhancements in version 2.3.0

ID Scope Description
#0000541 Content Script Determine if a category needs to be upgraded
#0000545 Extension - AdLib Support overriding of job ticket output folder path
#0000540 Content Script It's now possibile to reduce the DA Load related to CSEvents management
#0000539 Content Script It's now possibile to disable CSEvents (preventing the system to record the event in the DA framework)
#0000538 Beautiful Webforms FormBuilder now supports Set creation
#0000523 Beautiful Webforms Form Builder should be using the "advanceMode" flag to decide whether to display the visual builder or the source code editor
#0000524 Beautiful Webforms Form Builder layout should be preserved for BWF views edited with source code editor
#0000522 Beautiful Webforms Form Builder should be initialized with last available Form Builder layout when opening a manually edited view
#0000495 Module Suite Being able to override WebNodeActions using CSVolume scripts
#0000527 Content Script Improve UI for importing and upgrading ModuleSuite Library
#0000532 Content Script Search service API behavior changes with OTCS 16.2 release
#0000518 Module Suite Content Script workflow steps can now be executed through the Workflow agent
#0000525 Content Script New API to access valid values list for Category popup fields
#0000535 Module Suite Optimized FormView footprint on database
#0000533 Content Script Autocompletion provides now additional information regarding existing APIs
#0000512 Extension - Docx Initial support for PPTX files
#0000530 Beautiful Webforms Is now possible to use SWF to create generic purposes forms
#0000511 Beautiful Webforms Smart Drop Down DB Lookup - javascript performs too many unnecessary async calls
#0000499 Content Script Make Content Script indexable
#0000500 Extension - Docx Being able to update SpreadSheet and single cell formulas
#0000497 Content Script Being able to execute a LiveReport through the "Fast" interface for SQL

Issues Resolved in version 2.3.0

ID Scope Description
#0000548 Beautiful Webforms The "showtime" flag is not correctly handled in Date fields for forms loaded with forms.getWorkFlowForm(..) API
#0000542 Content Script Issues in creating new binders with CSSynchEvents enabled
#0000547 Content Script Error setting FromDate and ToDate in Physical Object Template
#0000516 Beautiful Webforms Checkbox component not correctly initialized when creating a new BWF view
#0000537 Beautiful Webforms the formToMap method of the FormService might rise exceptions parsing dates
#0000519 Content Script Default value of Content Script static variables causes "Compilation Failed" warning to be added at every save
#0000504 Beautiful Webforms Currency Field doesn't trigger onChangeAction in IE
#0000492 Beautiful Webforms Javascript init script for Datatable widget is missing
#0000496 Beautiful Webforms ADN Widget's javascript init function has the "support" and "context" variables hard-coded
#0000526 Beautiful Webforms Request parameters are not passed to Form when executed through nickname
#0000509 Content Script Regression in GCSCategory constructor derived from #0000490
#0000513 Beautiful Webforms "Item reference Popup" component search error after update to Module Suite 2.2
#0000534 Content Script Content Script editor automatic code validation needs resource optimization
#0000529 Beautiful Webforms Error exporting form view with 'None' value selected in the 'Select Template' option in Form Builder
#0000536 Module Suite Content Script scheduling is not working properly on 16 and 16.2 (unable to un-schedule)
#0000517 Beautiful Webforms Minor visual issues in top bar buttons in Form Builder and Content Script Editor
#0000520 Content Script "Test" button in Content Script Editor saves the current code but executes the previous version
#0000510 Content Script Managecallbacks script might fail with case-sensitive databases
#0000490 Content Script GCSCategory is now CSNode aware, thus is possible to drive inheritance for sub nodes
#0000488 Content Script docman.getNodesInContainer(..) API fails if target node contains a virtual folder
#0000491 Content Script Virtual Folder nodes are not managed properly on CS16
#0000506 Content Script NextUrl parameter is not passed to the execution context when executing a script using the open command
#0000508 Content Script docman.rhRequest(..) API calls fail if Trusted Referring Websites are set in Content Server Security Parameters Admin page
#0000505 Beautiful Webforms Form field "removeField(..)" API performs a wrong check on index
#0000507 Beautiful Webforms Change event handlers are triggered twice
#0000503 Content Script Execution of runCS instruction fails in callback-scripts caused by a NPE relative to CSVARS
#0000501 Beautiful Webforms FormBuilder might fail to load on huge views
#0000494 Content Script createRendableForm(..) API returns invalid content if IIS Application Request Routing is configured (for Brava)
#0000498 Content Script OScript deserialization might fail for RecArrays