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Version 2.1.0 - Release notes

Release Date End of AMP(*) End of Life
2016-11-16 2019-11-16 2020-11-16

(*) Active Maintenance Period

The present document contains information regarding product enhancements, fixed issues and known issues related to AnswerModules Module Suite version 2.1.0.

End of Life

This release has reached the end of its life and is no longer maintained or supported.

No Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the features and techniques presented in this publication. However, AnswerModules accepts no responsibility and offer no warranty whether expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this publication.

PDF Version

Major Changes in version 2.1.0


Module Suite’s activation license now keeps in consideration: the system’s fingerprint and the number of purchased seats.

Beautiful WebForms library of widgets

The Beautiful WebForms library of input widgets has been significantly improved and simplified. The library comprises now more than ninety elements. The widgets/view template architecture has been revised in order to speed up and favor the development of new input widgets by customers and partners. Widgets’ external dependencies can now be easily tracked allowing developer to focus only on core functionalities.

Beautiful WebForms Studio

Beautiful WebForm Studio wizard is now shipped with Module Suite. The Studio can be accessed directly from the Content Script Volumes (CSVolume:CSTools:Beautiful WebForms Studio).

New Content Script APIs

New Content Script APIs and API extension packages have been released. New extension packages include:

Web-Services API extension pack

Content Script now features a complete set of APIs for consuming both REST and SOAP web services. The new APIs are accessed through the new “csws” service endpoint, available upon installation of the extension package.

All Enhancements in version 2.1.0

ID Scope Description
#0000427 Script Console It is now possible to export a Tomcat 8 compatible configuration using exportWar.cs script
#0000413 Beautiful Webforms Introduce a simpler way of managing the loading of static dependencies for form views
#0000423 Beautiful Webforms PDF web viewer tool based on pdf.js
#0000418 Beautiful Webforms New validation constraint: Content Script (remote invocation)
#0000410 Beautiful Webforms Support for TKL and ADN TKL form fields
#0000414 Content Script Is now possible to execute a Content Script programmatically.
New API: docman.runContentScript()
#0000377 Content Script Add possibility to un-assign task
#0000380 Content Script New API: CSUser.getDepartmentGroup()
#0000381 Content Script New API: users.getGroup(Long groupID)
#0000382 Content Script Add library snippet for Smart Drop Down backend service
#0000388 Beautiful Webforms When loading a submitted form with date fields with the "show time" flag active seconds information is lost.
#0000392 Beautiful Webforms Add support for form page repositioning to first error when a client side validation error occurs.
#0000393 Beautiful Webforms Read-only checkbox layout should be similar to active checkbox

Issues Resolved in version 2.1.0

ID Scope Description
#0000422 Beautiful Webforms Checkbox widgets set to "readonly" lose the selected value on page reload
#0000421 Beautiful Webforms Radio components in forms using BWF library V1 not working after upgrade from version 1.7.0 to 2.0
#0000426 Beautiful Webforms Multiple collapsible Panel Containers included in sub-views collapse wrong panel when clicked
#0000425 Extension - LDAP LDAP Service fails to initialize profile with 'secure' parameter set to 'false'
#0000419 Beautiful Webforms Submit button clicked after the execution of an action which returns a file keep triggering the same action
#0000411 Beautiful Webforms Regression in version 2.0.0: V1 am_init.js file has been overridden
#0000416 Beautiful Webforms OnChange Script BWF snippet does not work with fields with multiplicity higher than one
#0000412 Content Script Sql Service ignores parameters of type GString
#0000383 Beautiful Webforms OnChangeAction snippet does not trigger with Radio Basic components
#0000389 Beautiful Webforms If a redirect instruction is used in the AfterSubmit script of a form workflow step the workflow's step won't be completed
#0000385 Beautiful Webforms When loading a submitted form with date fields with the "show time" flag active time information is lost
#0000394 Extension - Docx Field updating on Office documents fails when there are properties with spaces in the property name
#0000408 Content Script Inline API Docs panel in Content Script Editor minimizes after clicking on any link
#0000395 Extension - Docx Field updating on Office documents fails when there are properties with long property name
#0000397 Content Script Outdated configuration details for callbacks in Content Script inline documentation
#0000399 Beautiful Webforms Selecting left or right position for labels in components in a Grid (Bravo) container causes a wrong positioning of the labels
#0000400 Extension - Docx Error creating an empty XLSX spreadsheet
#0000398 Content Script Error with template.producePDF(...) when a File is passed as the template.
#0000401 Content Script Accessing admin pages generates a trace file when you have an error coming from underlying DBMS
#0000404 Module Suite CSCategory getAttributes returns just the name for attributes inside a set
#0000403 Content Script Not able to rollback a transaction using nodecallbacks
#0000407 Beautiful Webforms Form fields requireness is not properly managed when retrieving form object with forms.getFormInfo API
#0000405 Content Script Disable Weblingo overwrite without having to rise an Exception
#0000406 Content Script template.producePDF(..) API causes a resource leak
#0000386 Beautiful Webforms Wrong values in submitted checkbox and user fields when using the forms.submitForm(..) API
#0000387 Content Script It's no longer possible to use a Content Script service as a Content Server standard REST
­ Content Script Impersonate ObjectFactory is not working (only Admin can use the feature)
#0000390 Content Script ResourceManager rises an NPE when amcs.core.tempFilePath has not been specified