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Version 2.0.0 - Release notes

Release Date End of AMP(*) End of Life
2016-07-22 2019-07-22 2020-07-22

(*) Active Maintenance Period

The present document contains information regarding product enhancements, fixed issues and known issues related to AnswerModules Module Suite version 2.0.0.

End of Life

This release has reached the end of its life and is no longer maintained or supported.

No Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the features and techniques presented in this publication. However, AnswerModules accepts no responsibility and offer no warranty whether expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this publication.

PDF Version

Major Changes in version 2.0.0

Support for Content Server 16

Module Suite 2.0.0 now includes support for Content Server version 16.

Content Script objects are available and executable form the new Smart UI.

Content Scripts can be used to build Smart UI tiles, and are available within the Perspective Builder when creating new Smart UI perspectives.

Currently supported platforms include:

  • Content Server 10.0.x

  • Content Server 10.5.x

  • Content Server 16

Completely renewed development environments and editors

All Module Suite integrated developments environments, including

  • Beautiful WebForms Form Builder,

  • Content Script Editor,

  • Template Editor,

  • Content Script Snippet Editor,

  • Form Widget Editor

have been completely renewed, and ergonomics have been greatly improved.

Beautiful WebForms Form Builder now features additional controls for multiple selection when positioning, editing or deleting widgets in the working area, as well as support for the new functionalities of the widgets in the library. Important functionalities (template selection, associated Content Script editing) have been made directly accessible from the main editor panel.

Content Script Editor content assist functionalities have been improved.

Full revamp of Beautiful WebForms widgets and templates libraries

Form Widget in the Beautiful WebForms component library now feature

  • Component libraries are now versioned in super-libraries. Module Suite 2.0.0 ships with library version 2. Version 1 corresponds to widgets available in Module Suite 1.7. Users are free to create their own library versions.

  • All widgets have been refactored to provide a clean separation between presentation and dynamic behavior (to ensure compatibility with new CS16 Smart UI)

  • Complex widgets which require backend scripting code now feature the possibility to automatically inject the custom code (reduces need to manually edit scripts)

  • All widgets have seen their customization capabilities improved and extended.

New Content Script APIs

New Content Script APIs and API extension packages have been released, for a total of 400+ new documented APIs. New extension packages include:

Records Management API extension pack

Content Script now features a complete set of APIs for Content Server Records Management. The new APIs are accessed through the new “recman” service endpoint, available upon installation of the extension package.

Physical Objects API extension pack

Content Script now features a complete set of APIs for Content Server Physical Objects. The new APIs are accessed through the new “physobj” service endpoint, available upon installation of the extension package.

LDAP integration API extension pack

Content Script now features a basic set of APIs that allow to perform queries on any LDAP server. The new APIs are accessed through the new “ldap” service endpoint, available upon installation of the extension package.

SQL extension pack

Content Script now features a new API to perform database queries against the Content Server database, as well as over external databases. The new API provides support for query parameter bindings and SQL expression templates, and can be accessed through the new “sql” service endpoint, available upon installation of the extension package.

Content Script PDF API improvements

A new set of APIs is now available within the “pdf” service endpoint. The new APIs allow to interact with PDF form documents, by extracting form information and data, automatically filling in form fields, and finalizing a PDF form.

Third party dependencies upgrade

Most third party dependencies included in the Module Suite release have been updated to the latest stable release. A complete list of the dependencies can be found within each module’s installation folder.

Weblingo override functionality

A new advanced functionality, which allows administrators to configure overriding of any Content Server weblingo file, is now available as part of Content Script version 2.0.0.

Cross-script referencing

Any Content Script object that has been assigned a nickname within a specific namespace (“CSxxxx”) can now be referenced directly by nickname within a second Content Script. This functionality allows, for example, to create function libraries without the overhead of executing the second script every time.

Save views as Widgets

Views created with the Beautiful WebForms builder can now be saved as a custom “composite” widgets and reused through the usual drag & drop process within another view. When such a composite widget is dropped within a view, it will be split in its basic parts, and each part will be configurable separately.

Composite widgets can be managed within the widget library as standard Beautiful WebForms widgets.

Workflow Query builder

A new workflow query builder is available as part of the “workflow” service APIs. The builder is intended to simplify the interaction with the workflow search service.

All Enhancements in version 2.0.0

ID Scope Description
#0000306 Module Suite Module Suite objects are now fully compatible with Content Server transport
#0000307 Script Console It's now possible to schedule jobs while the console is offline
#0000322 Extension - Forms Form Package attachments are now available in Remoted Workflow Forms and submitted forms (seq)
#0000332 Beautiful Webforms Workflow Comments form snippet now includes CLEH configuration documentation
#0000333 Content Script Content Script objects are now restricted objects by default
#0000334 Content Script GCSSetAttribute and GCSPrimitiveAttribute now support each{..} iteration
#0000338 Content Script Third party javascript libraries have been updated to latest stable version.
#0000339 Beautiful Webforms Third party javascript libraries have been updated to latest stable version.
#0000342 Content Script It is now possible to set a group as group leader using the setLeader(..) API on the CSGroup object.
#0000344 Beautiful Webforms It's now possibile to convert form fields values to Dates
#0000345 Beautiful Webforms Javascripts and Css resources can now be organized and included in Form Templates respecting dependencies.
#0000346 Beautiful Webforms Form widget can now specify their own static dependencies (js, css)
#0000347 Content Script It's now possible to create ANSTemplateFolder objects programmatically
#0000348 Beautiful Webforms It's now possible to organize form widgets and form templates in libraries
#0000349 Extension - eSign It's now possible to set the URL where to redirect navigation after having performed the sign step
#0000350 Script Console Introduced the possibility to customize embedded jetty behaviour with init script
#0000351 Content Script Enabled the possibility to control the mimetype of files returned as attachment
#0000352 Content Script Optimize the CSResource file names.
#0000353 Content Script Optimize the usage of "self" shortcut
#0000358 Module Suite Initialization of logging system is now performed programmatically
#0000359 Module Suite CSNodes can now be exported in JSON (format compatible with REST APIs)
#0000360 Content Script Is now possible to retrieve the full path for a node
#0000367 Module Suite Is now possible to build queries on workflows data programmatially
#0000372 Extension - Forms Script Console now supports forms built with Beautiful WebForms libraries V2
#0000374 Script Console Added authentication layer on Script Console web interfaces
#0000375 Script Console Session cookies are now enabled by default in application server configuration

Issues Resolved in version 2.0.0

ID Scope Description
#0000305 Module Suite Content Script TemplateFolder webnode naming conflict
#0000308 Script Console The script used to demonstrate the Console's internal scheduling features contains an error.
#0000309 Script Console Java Classloader conflict running console as an standalone ApplicationServer application
#0000311 Content Script SQL queries used to implement CSVolume caching have issues with case sensitive database installation
#0000312 Content Script RunCS is triggering unnecessary script recompilation that might impact performances
#0000313 Content Script Error when accessing property priority of CSWorkflowAssignedTask
#0000314 Content Script SSL Error occurs when using RHOmnia proxy under https
#0000315 Extension - Docx importMetadata API in xlsx service does not handle exceptions correctly
#0000316 Extension - Docx importMetadata API in xlsx service attempts to process lines with empty dataID column
#0000317 Content Script Class loading issues on Member Services (Content Server 10.0)
#0000318 Content Script Unexpected error may arise when executing a custom REST service
#0000319 Content Script Content Script callback scripts are sometimes invoked twice
#0000320 Extension - Forms Remote WebForms submission fails silently when application server and script console installation paths are on different drives
#0000324 Extension - Forms View switching is not possible within Remote WebForms OnLoad scripts
#0000325 Extension - Forms Checkbox widgets in Remote webforms do not handle events correctly
#0000326 Beautiful Webforms Beautiful WebForms online documentation incorrectly references a non-existing "form.setValidationError(..)" API
#0000327 Beautiful Webforms Workflow attachments folder identifier is not available in the form object when used in a user step
#0000328 Beautiful Webforms The "Forms.createRendableForm(..)" API calls fail if target form object is not in the current script's context scope
#0000329 Content Script Service calls fail when executed from different thread spawned with Thread.start{..}
#0000330 Beautiful Webforms Nesting multiple "Include Subview" widgets causes invalid form markup
#0000335 Content Script Unable to send email to multiple recipients
#0000336 Content Script The "asCSNode(..)" API does not behave in the same way as the docman API when retrieving nodes by path.
#0000337 Content Script Unable to assign "long" values to category integer attributes
#0000341 Beautiful Webforms SignaturePad component fails to initialize signature from pre-populated field value
#0000343 Content Script Download link promoted function for regular documents disappears after installing Content Script
#0000354 Extension - Forms Several improvements to FormBuilder and BWF Widgets
#0000355 Beautiful Webforms Form service fails on "updateWorkflowForms(..)" if the form contains a set attribute
#0000356 Content Script Not able to perform update or instert through runSql method if report ext is not installed (Content Server 10.0)
#0000357 Extension - PDF Temp resources are not cleaned when extracting pages from a PDF (both as PDFs and JPGs)
#0000361 Content Script Cron expression is not persisted when scheduling a script in advanced mode
#0000362 Module Suite Unable to change owner of document inside Project
#0000363 Module Suite Form set fields are not always updated within workflows
#0000364 Script Console Script Console "loadConfig" command fails if there are disabled services in the Content Server Base configuration that is being exported.
#0000365 Script Console Placeholder expressions in exported Base Configuration are not valid for Script Console
#0000366 Module Suite REST API Content Script always returns 200 OK Code
#0000368 Module Suite Node features are empty if CSNode has been loaded with "fast" API variant
#0000369 Module Suite It's no longer possible to send an email to multiple recipients specified in to or cc
#0000370 Script Console Wrong error page format when running on external application server
#0000371 Extension - Forms Wrong download attachment links in sample Remote WebForms form list page
#0000373 Extension - Forms Potential security issue with content of form hidden fields
#0000376 Extension - Forms Form attachments are present in the "views" list in the form.amRemotePack

Important Notes when updating Module Suite to version 2.0.0

Module Suite version 2.0.0 introduces a few paradigm shifts, mostly oriented to set the basis for a better support of the new Smart UI available with Content Server 16.

Noteworthy changes mainly involve Beautiful WebForms, and specifically the ways in which the libraries of widgets and templates are organized.

Module Suite version 2.0.0 introduces the concept of “library versions” for form widgets and form templates. When creating or editing a Beautiful WebForms view, editors must select which version of the widget library to use. The form templates should be chosen consequently (e.g. always use templates V2 with form views built using widget library V2).

Module Suite version 2.0.0 ships with two library versions:

  • V1: this library matches the former Module Suite 1.7.0 widget library. It has been included for backward-compatibility, and can be safely discarded for new installations.

  • V2: upgraded version specific to Module Suite 2.0.0. Objects within this library feature:

    • a clearer separation between widget presentation and dynamic behavior. Inline scripting has been removed from all widgets.

    • support for new editor features (label positioning, etc.)

    • support for dynamic dependency evaluation (third party or custom .js and .css inclusions)

Installing the new libraries

This procedure is only useful if there are preexisting Beautiful Webforms views on the target system. It can be safely ignored for vanilla installations.

After performing the standard module setup, the suggested procedure to upgrade the existing libraries related to Beautiful WebForms (CSFormSnippets and CSFormTemplates, located within the Content Script Volume) is described hereafter.

Upgrade procedure for CSFormSnippets

The CSFormSnippets library can be upgraded using the standard library upgrade procedure.

  1. From the Module Suite Base Configuration, in the “Manage component library” section, choose the “Upgrade” option.

  2. In the library selection window, select the csformsnippets.lib option and click “upgrade”.

  3. Upon completion, in the root of the Content Script Volume there will be 2 distinct folders related to CSFormSnippets, as shown below. At this point the new library is available for Beautiful WebForms.

  4. Cleanup. The folder named “_CSFormSnippets_BCK_yyyyMMdd_HHmm” is a backup folder containing the previously installed library. It can be safely exported and/or removed. In case any of the standard widgets was customized, patched or otherwise modified, or new custom widgets were added within the standard library, make sure that you transfer any relevant changes to the new libraries before deleting the old version.

Upgrade procedure for CSFormTEMPLATEs

Upgrade procedure for CSFormTemplates is slightly different, due to the fact that templates are referenced by object dataID within existing forms. In order to preserve functionality of existing forms, it is recommended to perform the upgrade as follows.

  1. From the Module Suite Base Configuration, in the “Manage component library” section, choose the “Upgrade” option.

  2. In the library selection window, select the csformtemplates.lib option and click “upgrade”.

  3. Upon completion, in the root of the Content Script Volume there will be 2 distinct folders related to CSFormTemplates:

    1. CSFormTemplates : the new template library

    2. _CSFormTemplates_BCK_yyyyMMdd_HHmm : a backup folder containing the previously installed template library.

  4. The root of the “CSFormTemplates” folder will contain the following:

    1. a set of templates, which correspond to library V1 (Module Suite 1.7.0). These should correspond 1 to 1 with the templates contained in your backup folder: _CSFormTemplates_BCK_yyyyMMdd_HHmm

    2. a folder named V2, which contains new version 2 templates.

  5. In the CSFormTemplates folder, delete all the templates (DO NOT DELETE the V2 folder) as shown in the next image.

  6. Navigate to the _CSFormTemplates_BCK_yyyyMMdd_HHmm folder and MOVE all the old templates to the new CSFormTemplates folder (in this way, the dataIDs of the old templates will be preserved). The now empty _CSFormTemplates_BCK_yyyyMMdd_HHmm can be safely deleted.

Custom Form Templates and form widgets

Beautiful WebForms allows users to create custom libraries of form widgets, as well as new form templates. It is recommended to organize such custom elements within the Content Script Volume in dedicated, separate containers, in order to avoid issues when upgrading the standard libraries.

Since version 1.7.0, the recommended structure was:

  • Content Script Volume

    • CSFormSnippets

      • <Customer name or custom component family name>

        • <custom widget A>

        • <custom widget B>

    • <Customer name>

      • CSFormTemplates

        • <custom template A>

        • <custom template B>

With version 2.0.0, the recommended structure is extended to include the concept of library version.

  • Content Script Volume

    • CSFormSnippets

      • V2

        • <Customer name or custom component family name>

          • <custom component A>

          • <custom component B>

    • <Customer name>

      • CSFormTemplates

        • V2

          • <custom template A>

          • <custom template B>

Custom widgets

Custom Beautiful WebForms widgets created prior to version 2.0.0 must be updated to be compatible with Beautiful WebForms Editor version 2.0.0. The procedure is straightforward and does not strictly require to perform any changes to the widgets’ code. In order to update the existing widgets, perform the following steps for each one of them:

  1. open the component editor
  2. save the component

Saving the component will trigger recompiling, which is enough to ensure compatibility in the new Module Suite version.