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Version 3.3.0 (Montebello) - Release notes

Release Date End of AMP(*) End of Life
2022-11-01 2025-11-01 2026-11-01

(*) Active Maintenance Period

The present document contains information regarding product enhancements, fixed issues and known issues related to AnswerModules Modules Suite version 3.3.0.

This guide

The information presented in the on-line guide are mostly non-version specific. AnswerModules team does its best to ensure that, where necessary, is made clear that the information presented is only applicable to specific versions, however if you are looking for this version-specific documentation, you can find it here

No Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the features and techniques presented in this publication. However, AnswerModules accepts no responsibility and offer no warranty whether expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this publication.

Module Suite Compatibility Matrix

OpenText Content Server MS 2.7.0 MS 2.8.0 MS 2.9.0 MS 3.0.0 MS 3.1.0 MS 3.2.0 MS 3.2.1 MS 3.3.0
Content Suite 16.2 EP6 X X X X X
Content Suite 16.2 EP7 X X X X X
Content Suite 20.2 X X X X X X X X
Content Suite 20.3 X X X X X X X
Content Suite 20.4 X X X X X X
Content Suite 21.1 X X X X X X
Content Suite 21.2 X X X X X
Content Suite 21.3 X X X X X
Content Suite 21.4 X X X X X
Content Suite 22.1 X X X
Content Suite 22.2 X X
Content Suite 22.3 X

All Enhancements in version 3.3.0

ID Scope Description
#001527 Content Script Content Script: option add version is not available
#001535 Content Script Issue: The upgrade() method of the docman API returns always true
#001251 Online Documentation Installation and upgrade page: highlight library import task
#001098 Module Suite More robust form for license key
#001512 Beautiful Webforms New features for the ADN widget
#001415 Content Script Performance of the API isMemberOf: review and verify possible optimization
#001501 Module Suite Content Script Result Tile is now using velocity macro for managing static dependencies

Issues Resolved in version 3.3.0

ID Scope Description
#001530 Beautiful Webforms Select basic: if the values contains an & character, if an action trigger a reload, the value of that select is reset
#001424 Extension - SQL The runSQL method of the sql API does not work if the cast of the input parameter is incorrect
#001375 Module Suite AMXECM initialization error reported in thread logs
#001484 Content Script Mail fetch: unable to retrieve attachments if there is an accent in the file name
#001493 Beautiful Webforms Form Builder: in version 3.2.x is not showing widget of library V2, also if the library is present in the Volume
#001178 Extension - Rendition Rend package has not been release for windows: on S3 there is only the linux one
#001384 Beautiful Webforms Masking Script Error: $ is not recognized.
#001474 Beautiful Webforms Smart View template: labels of fields are truncated if they are placed on top or bottom
#001472 Beautiful Webforms jQuery Interdependencies: if it is set on a read only field, JavaScript error is raised and the page get stuck in loading
#001494 Beautiful Webforms Custom Script Widget: function registerWidgetCallback non executed with SmartView template
#001406 Module Suite Issue in docman.clonePermissions(..) API - "Public Access" right is restored on target object even if removed from source object
#001387 Beautiful Webforms Issue in docman.clonePermissions(..) API - "Add major version" right is ignored
#001496 Content Script Error setting a category attribute to nodes shared with Core Share
#001468 Beautiful Webforms V4 Form template: am_grid.css and am_gridTable.css are missing
#001450 Beautiful Webforms Layout widget generates a 404 error in Console/Network tab due am_gridTable.css missing
#001328 Beautiful Webforms No login redirect if an custom action button is click and session is expired
#001500 Content Script Content Server WebService getNode is not working and generate a trace with Module Suite 3.2.x
#001503 Content Script LoadFormData fails if there are rows with the same
#001534 Smart Pages Datatable widget not working in BWS widget on leading application (xECM)
#001531 Smart Pages Forms that have a SubView are not rendered correctly when included in a Smart Page
#001524 Smart Pages Regression with hotfix 020: if you open different Smart Pages, the user always see the content of first one
#001478 Beautiful Webforms Handsontable widget: without setting "Grid height" property, dropdown fields are not usable
#001318 Script Console Script console configuration can now be imported from the standard XML export of Module Suite Configuration
#001519 Module Suite Issue with the path to anscontentscript temporary files in the Base Configuration page.
#001364 Beautiful Webforms Modal container issue: after inserted into Form Builder, it is not possible remove, clone and configure
#001399 Module Suite HTTP 401 error in a scheduled script that call a rest API
#001380 Module Suite Conflict between AM patch and CGI patch
#001314 Beautiful Webforms Smart DropDown: issue setting value in OnLoad if it contains not alphanumeric characters
#001429 Beautiful Webforms On Content server 22.2 the 'User by login' widget does not work
#001430 Script Console Script Console package is not present in 3.2.0 installer
#001510 Module Suite Even if enabled, the Content Script Execution Auditing is not being tracked in the Audit table
#001518 Beautiful Webforms Form Builder: not all the custom widgets are showed in the widget tree
#001517 Beautiful Webforms Form Builder: if a custom widget is added in a BWF, when this form is edited, this widget is no more showed in editor
#001509 Smart Pages Executing a search within the SmartUI OOB search feature for a Date Range belonging to a Category returns an error
#001525 Module Suite When a workflow is transported to another environment references to scripts used in the workflow are lost
#001521 Module Suite Module Suite is not logging on 22.3
#001470 Module Suite Beautiful WebForms Studio-WebForm creation from PDF forms: Issue when selecting a pdf, javascript error stops the form creation
#001504 Beautiful Webforms Beautiful WebForms Studio - Approval Application: An error is returned when override an existing application
#001505 Beautiful Webforms Beautiful WebForms Studio: The currency widget in the BWF is not initialized correctly
#001523 Module Suite Setting a list of users as a form step assignee in Process Builder generates a corrupted workflow map.
#001522 Module Suite An error is raised when any sql code is executed (sql service) with parameters that are not strings
#001482 Beautiful Webforms Smart Dropdown and OnChange action: if the dropdow has option "Use a single input", the onchange is not trigger after 2 items
#001307 Beautiful Webforms Space Content context menu issue: not locked on the file
#001453 Content Script New document created from a rendition or version: the version name is always set to csscript.txt
#001358 Content Script When executed within a callback, renaming a Connected Workspace does not work.
#001471 Beautiful Webforms Submit Button With Param doesn't send action parameters if there is an ADN dropdown field in the form
#001427 Beautiful Webforms OnChange widget is not working with ADN Dropdown
#001417 Content Script Impossible to modify Content Script step in a running workflow
#001476 Beautiful Webforms Countries widget: using the V4 library, the flag icons are not shown
#001480 Beautiful Webforms Datepicker: if current date is set in default widget with variable ${} the field is empty on form load
#001479 Smart Pages Action Button: if configured to perform the action Expand, Action Parameters are not populated
#001330 Smart Pages Modal not opening in Smart Page
#001511 Module Suite Content Script Volume Library Import Tool Might fail on Unix based systems
#001490 Smart Pages Action button: The class of a button within a 'Button Container' is not set correctly
#001473 Content Script Content Script Volume Import Tool page: error opening it if there isn't en_US in the Multilingual Metadata in Content Server
#001485 Beautiful Webforms Smart DropDown DB Lookup: Callback feature is not working
#001454 Content Script Synchronous callbacks NodeCopy and NodeMove are not interrupted throwing InterruptCallbackException
#001491 Module Suite Content Script objects indexing does not work
#001419 Module Suite Enabling Synchronous callbacks causes an error when creating new items
#001456 Content Script Custom properties in base configuration: it is not possible to remove custom properties if they are marked as encrypted
#001455 Content Script Custom properties in base configuration: it is possible to add the same property multiple times but with different values
#001351 Extension - Forms i18n in Remote Web Form
#001434 Beautiful Webforms Smart View Task template: if a pdf has an empty comment, it is showed with string "null" in comments tab
#001451 Content Script In some cases, objects created via synchronous callback do not inherit permissions
#001486 Module Suite Enterprise Connect stops to work after Module Suite 3.2.x upgrade
#001459 Module Suite Issue with standard Content Server search in Smart UI using dates as filter, when MS is installed
#001487 Content Script Velocity template error: Unable to create rendable form
#001422 Content Script zip API: setPassword method is not working
#001378 Content Script Error passing params to a Content Script through a WebReport step