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Module Suite installation guide: Initial Configuration


This guide covers the Configuration phase that is part of the Module Suite installation guide.

  • Deployment
  • Installation
  • Activation
  • Configuration
  • Post-installation patching

This phase covers the minimal configuration of the optional modules previously deployed and installed on the system during the Deployment and Installation phases. The related operations will be performed using the Module Suite administration tools.

Only perform after previous phases are complete

The guide assumes that the Module Deployment, Installation and Activation phases have already been completed on the target environment. If that is not the case, please go back to the Installation overview.

Importing the core library components

Once the software has been activated, it is possible to proceed with the setup of the minimal configuration settings required to run Module Suite. This includes creating a number of runtime elements within the "Content Script Volume", a special container for Module Suite configuration objects.

More details on the Content Script Volume and its structure can be found here.

Proceed with the following steps to complete the initial configuration.

  • As the system Admin user, open the Content Server Administration pages.

  • Locate the AnswerModules Administration section. Within this section, open the Content Script Volume Import tool. Base Configuration

  • Within the Content Script Volume Import page, locate the Library Update section (it can be found at the very top of the page).
    Click the Import button.
    Library Update

  • Wait for the import operation to complete. Module Suite - Activation License configuration field

  • Once the operation is complete, a success message will be shown. Upon refreshing the page, the Library Update section will no longer be shown. Module Suite - Activation License configuration field

  • After the restart, navigate to the AnswerModules administration pages to check the results of the import operations.
    In the Content Server Administration pages, locate the AnswerModules Administration section. Within this section, click on the Open the Content Script Volume link.
    Base Configuration

  • The following minimum set of folders will have been created in the Content Script Volume. Module Suite - Activation License configuration field

Next Steps

Please proceed to the Post installation patching phase.