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Version 3.1.0 (Ascona) - Release notes

Release Date End of AMP(*) End of Life
2022-01-15 2025-01-15 2026-01-15

(*) Active Maintenance Period

The present document contains information regarding product enhancements, fixed issues and known issues related to AnswerModules Modules Suite version 3.0.0.

This guide

The information presented in the on-line guide are mostly non-version specific. AnswerModules team does its best to ensure that, where necessary, is made clear that the information presented is only applicable to specific versions, however if you are looking for this version-specific documentation, you can find it here

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Module Suite Compatibility Matrix

OpenText Content Server MS 3.1.0
Content Suite 16.2 EP6 X
Content Suite 16.2 EP7 X
Content Suite 20.2 X
Content Suite 20.3 X
Content Suite 20.4 X
Content Suite 21.1 X
Content Suite 21.2 X
Content Suite 21.3 X
Content Suite 21.4 X

Major Changes in version 3.1.0

All Enhancements in version 3.1.0

ID Scope Description
#001140 Beautiful Webforms Disable ADN on page reload
#001191 Content Script When saving a script from the Content Script Editor also the Content Suite Static Variables should be saved.
#001170 Content Script Library update procedure: folders are often skipped
#000961 Smart Pages Missing methods to update Physical Object
#000960 Smart Pages Ordering in custom commands
#001256 Beautiful Webforms "PDF Viewer: when a document is downloaded
#001179 Smart Pages Smart UI Accessibility Issues for people with disabilities
#001155 Beautiful Webforms Smart View Task view template now supports adding documents and shortcuts to WF's attachments from OTCS.
#001054 Content Script Rename a folder with internationalization activated
#001167 Content Script New API service for updating the table of a form template
#000947 Module Suite Re-import of a Content Script is not supported
#001183 Module Suite Activation Key information is no longer persisted on INI file

Issues Resolved in version 3.1.0

ID Scope Description
#001160 Online Documentation Possible confusion in the release note page
#001224 Online Documentation Content Script Node Table Tile: the code used as example is wrong
#001113 Online Documentation Add to documentation property to fix the address
#001169 Online Documentation Installation on multiple server
#001242 Online Documentation Remove Web Form: copy al support folders
#001253 Online Documentation Crete a page or a specific paragraph for custom template and snippets
#001201 Content Script Sharing issue with Coreshare
#001270 Content Script Issue of the getClassificationNode() method of the recman service
#001214 Beautiful Webforms Footer section missing in Modal Container widget
#001261 Beautiful Webforms Image widget issue
#001269 Beautiful Webforms "Flatpickr in Smart View: if it is present in one page
#001286 Beautiful Webforms Base configuration show password in additional properties
#001283 Beautiful Webforms V5: Form is not rendered when there's a Text Popup Form Template field in the model
#001284 Beautiful Webforms Fix validators for V5 library
#001276 Content Script Helper: the documentation for the docman API is missing
#001275 Beautiful Webforms The View Smart Task Button widget is not visible
#001278 Beautiful Webforms V5 library: when using Smart View Task template the submit of the form retruns an error
#001287 Beautiful Webforms Add property to manage TLS version for mail service
#001285 Beautiful Webforms Random validation error with the Phone widget
#001249 Beautiful Webforms Graphic issue on the configuration of the 'Buttons Group' widget
#001246 Beautiful Webforms Minor usability issue: alignment difference of a label between editor and form
#001250 Beautiful Webforms Graphic issue on the configuration of the 'Table' widget
#001248 Smart Pages It is not possible to set the visibility of the 'Box Container' widget
#001244 Extension - Forms Missing a default out of the box template for Remote Web Form
#001240 Extension - Forms Issue on method updateTable
#001238 Beautiful Webforms JavaScript Error adding debug box widget
#001229 Beautiful Webforms Usability issue:18n checkbox available where it should not
#001225 Smart Pages "For Content Script under CSSmartView:Commands folder
#001220 Beautiful Webforms 'Bold Label' checkbox missing in the 'Space content' widget
#001219 Beautiful Webforms Missing icons in button widgets
#001210 Module Suite CSSmartView Column: adding back compatibility with 2.9
#001196 Beautiful Webforms V3 Buttons Group Visibility Rules
#001204 Content Script Menu lazy doesn't work in the 'Content Script Nodes Table' of the perspective
#001193 Beautiful Webforms Currency field: strange behavior if comma is set as decimal separator
#001176 Beautiful Webforms Online editor has a wrong link
#001061 Content Script Catch Exceptions thrown from different script
#001110 Beautiful Webforms BWF endpoint is unable to deserialize form object if form.viewParams contains classes that have been defined within a Script
#001138 Extension - xECM Helper: the documentation for the XECM API is missing
#001064 Beautiful Webforms Add internationalization support to Datepicker
#001066 Beautiful Webforms Missing file size in Space Content after upload
#001118 Smart Pages "CSSMARTMENU : custom menu items missing in search results view with Tabular search view"""
#00959 Content Script CSTaskImpl.assignedTo doesn't work
#001226 Content Script Random error Unable to find resource '/AMST-1027490201'
#001230 Beautiful Webforms It is no longer possible to add a field to a set using the FormBuilder
#001158 Content Script Little change in editor after upgrade
#001101 Smart Pages "Datatable widget doesn't support client side actions (like pagination
#001055 Content Script Minor error with online helper
#001050 Beautiful Webforms Issue mapping name of column on Table widget
#001049 Beautiful Webforms Issue Users in Group widget
#001048 Beautiful Webforms Issue on Dropdown and Service on Handsontable widget
#001047 Module Suite In the Task object it's possible to create a Module Suite Template
#001036 Beautiful Webforms Two Progress Bar form snippets
#001035 Content Script Incorrect Widgets CSSynchEvent
#001032 Beautiful Webforms Issue Clear button on Smart DropDown widget in read only mode
#001026 Beautiful Webforms Some incorrect SmartUI Widgets (v3)
#00941 Beautiful Webforms Smart DropDown and select has a very little style glitch
#001012 Beautiful Webforms "In Beautiful WebForm
#001011 Smart Pages "In Smart Pages
#00966 Beautiful Webforms Adding a row on Smart DropDown using the template SmartView on Firefox doesn't work
#00378 Extension - Docx "In certain cases
#001175 Content Script CSWS and pool widget not working with 21.3
#001273 Beautiful Webforms V5 library: an easy from with only Space Content is not rendered due JS error
#001185 Beautiful Webforms Issues editing views that have been transported
#001129 Smart Pages Page in Smart View with node table always back on page 1 in case of multiple page
#001265 Beautiful Webforms "Scheduling option reset to default from the ""Specific"" context menu"
#001215 Smart Pages CSSmartView:Columns not displayed on Results page
#001243 Beautiful Webforms Usability issue in Select Basic (see screenshot)
#001222 Beautiful Webforms Label issue of the Radio Basic widget
#001203 Beautiful Webforms Comments missing in the SmartView Task template
#001281 Extension - sFTP Private key is visible in the log
#001266 Beautiful Webforms Default value for Flatpk and date picker is not working
#001264 Beautiful Webforms Usability issue in Panel Layout
#001259 Beautiful Webforms "Panel Layout: problem in the form builder if ""is collabsible"" is checked"
#001231 Beautiful Webforms Forms having revision mech specified are not properly persisted when retrieved using forms.getFormInfo
#001211 Beautiful Webforms Graphic issue of the loading indicator of the Space Content widget
#001180 Content Script duplicate row creation when initiating a workflow form content script
#001272 Module Suite Issue on the perspectives that include a Smart Page
#001280 Module Suite Critical security vulnerability related to log4j CVE-2021-44228 / CVE-2021-45046
#001044 Module Suite Regression 1013: Base configuration custom props are not initialized
#001233 Beautiful Webforms Add internationalization support to Flatpickr
#001202 Beautiful Webforms Edit button missing in the attachments of the SmartView Task template
#001217 Smart Pages "scope : ""single"" in a Smart Menu is ignored"
#001223 Smart Pages Tile Content Script Nodes Table: wrong code inserted by snipped
#001227 Beautiful Webforms User by login: translation is not working
#001228 Beautiful Webforms "SmartDrop down: if no result in filter
#001236 Smart Pages Content Script Result: css issue
#001199 Beautiful Webforms i18n in select basic is not working
#001213 Extension - Forms Error in process of export of a Remote Form
#001209 Module Suite "Issue creating pdf of a form generated by ""Beautiful WebForm Studio"""
#001151 Smart Pages "Datatable: if it is enabled the drop area
#001173 Script Console Error 500 adding a new script with same name
#001189 Smart Pages Smart Page actions are cumulated when using navigation between Smart View Perspectives
#00680 Content Script Accessing rendition content on CSVersion result in wrong content
#001271 Beautiful Webforms Communication between smart pages
#001200 Extension - Docx Issue with html field into docx document
#001234 Content Script Under particular circumnstances a script executed by DA might lead to a system freeze till the operation is completed
#001188 Content Script "Issue on ""Always run impersonating"" user"
#001190 Smart Pages Panel layout Widget in SmartPages Page Builder is missing configuration text boxes
#001182 Beautiful Webforms Issue when importing the template view through the Transport Warehouse
#001192 Module Suite When filtering widgets or snippets in IDE if user clciks on Submit/Enter the page refreshes and shows Enterprise Workspce
#001184 Beautiful Webforms "When a version of a view is deleted
#001241 Beautiful Webforms Custom HTML form template not visible in the Form Builder
#001187 Content Script When typing in the Content Script Static Variable Tabs window flickers
#001186 Content Script Minor issue of Run SQL and Run SQLFast widgets
#001177 Smart Pages Smart UI widget title
#00884 Beautiful Webforms Issue Wysing Editor the copied image is duplicated
#001136 Beautiful Webforms Space content spin load: graphical issue in Smart View and Smart view task
#001168 Beautiful Webforms Change behavior in the hidden text field
#001127 Beautiful Webforms Currency field doesn't trigger OnChange
#001027 Script Console Little error in installer for 2.8.0
#001161 Beautiful Webforms Change in multi-field behavior: clear is not working
#001162 Content Script Smart Menu doesn't work after upgrade to 3.0.0
#00838 Content Script Workflow Suspended leads to a blank Content Script Step
#001159 Smart Pages Tile Content Script node table result is not working in 3.0.0
#001156 Beautiful Webforms "Space content: uploading a file
#001150 Beautiful Webforms On Event Validation widget: it is not possible select the field
#001153 Beautiful Webforms Include SmartUI Widget Widget fails because region's 'el' is not already loaded in page
#001154 Smart Pages Include SmartUI Widget fails on 16.2.8
#001152 Beautiful Webforms ADN ID widget is missing Content Script Snippet
#001141 Extension - ZIP "Regression on ZipContext
#001145 Smart Pages "SmartPage: if a template is selected for the smart page
#001149 Beautiful Webforms "Date fields
#001146 Beautiful Webforms Smart DropDown DB Lookup is not working in 3.0.0
#001144 Smart Pages Error in contentScript script: it is failing the version check for 16.2.8
#001147 Beautiful Webforms No page reload/action triggered if there is a subview
#001142 Beautiful Webforms Show-if conditions not properly evaluated within Sets on V5
#001094 Beautiful Webforms Default in Modal Container
#001102 Smart Pages Issue title of the confirmation dialog of DataTable widget
#001143 Beautiful Webforms Downloading the Excel Template from BWF Form Studio results in a corrupted file
#001148 Beautiful Webforms "Adding a row to a set in a form where data was already submitted