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About this guide

Audience and objective

Module Suite is a collection of solutions that extend the capabilities of OpenText Content Suite and can be successfully deployed to cover a wide range of tasks, from very simple automation operations to more complex and complete applications.

This guide is structured to target those who intend to create, deploy, use, and maintain applications using Content Script, Beautiful WebForms or Smart Pages, and/or want to have a deeper understanding of the possibilities and what can be achieved with the solutions. It is also intended to help the administrators of systems that deploy Module Suite Components.


The majority of this manual has been designed to be accessible to anyone familiar with the basic end-user features of OpenText Content Server. Readers are expected to be comfortable with creating items, navigating workspaces and searching for items. Although not essential, the following knowledge is beneficial:

  • OpenText Content Server Knowledge Fundamentals

  • Familiarity with the basics of HTML

  • Ability to create simple LiveReports or WebReports

  • Knowledge of the DTree view from the OpenText Content Suite schema