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Module Suite installation guide: Install Hotfixes


This guide covers the Post-installation patching phase that is part of the Module Suite installation guide.

  • Deployment
  • Installation
  • Activation
  • Configuration
  • Post-installation patching

This phase refers to the final operations that are required to ensure that the target system is up to date with all relevant software patches and hotfixes.

Only perform after previous phases are complete

The guide assumes that the Module Deployment, Installation, Activation and Configuration phases have already been completed on the target environment. If that is not the case, please go back to the Installation overview.

Applying patches

Each Module Suite patch is released with its own Patch Notes and (optionally) with specific installation tasks. Please refer to the generic Applying Hotfixes guide for detailed information on this topic.

Installation complete

Congratulations! The Module Suite's initial setup is now complete.