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Installing Module Suite on a clustered environment

In a Content Server cluster environment, it is mandatory to install Module Suite modules on each node that makes up the cluster.
The installation process in a cluster is more complex than installing on a single server, as a slightly different procedure must be performed on each remaining node in the cluster after installing the modules on the first one. The recommended approach is to install Module Suite on a primary node (the node on which the primary OpenText Admin Content Server services are installed and configured) and then copy the installed modules to each node in the cluster. This approach ensures that all installed modules are identical and that the patch level on all nodes is the same.

We will refer to the Content Server installation directory as %OTCS_HOME%.

Deployment on the primary node

Module Suite package installation on a Primary node is identical to the installatoin process into the non-clustered environment.

  • Stop Content Server services on all the nodes in the cluster

  • Proceed with the Module Suite installation on the Primary node

    Detailed description of this procedure can be found in Installing Module Suite guide.

Deployment on the secondary node(s)

Once the Module Suite modules are installed on the primary node, the module packages can be deployed on the remaining cluster nodes.
Proceed with the following installation steps on all Secondary nodes

  • Make a copy of the following resources and make them available in a working folder on the Secondary node:

    1. %OTCS_HOME%/module/anscontentscript_x_x_x
    2. %OTCS_HOME%/module/ansbwebform_x_x_x
    3. %OTCS_HOME%/module/anscontentsmartui_x_x_x
    4. %OTCS_HOME%/support/anscontentscript
    5. %OTCS_HOME%/support/ansbwebform
    6. %OTCS_HOME%/support/anscontentsmartui

    Installed Modules

    The actual folders to be copied depend on the Module that have been installed on the Primary node.
    e.g. if you are only installing Content Script and Beautiful WebForms modules, the "anscontensmartui" folders will not be available in the Primary node.

  • On the Secondary node, ensure that all Content Server services are stopped.

  • On the Secondary node, copy all the modules and support folders previously identified to their corresponding target location within %OTCS_HOME%.

  • On the Secondary node, proceed to manually reconcile the opentext.ini file in %OTCS_HOME%/config.
    Pay particular attention to the [Modules] and [javaserver] sections on the opentext.ini file.

  • On the Secondary node, start the Content Server services.